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Rent a Laptop, Save the World: How Businesses in Bangalore can Reduce their Environmental Impact by Renting Laptops

Do you realize that the IT industry contributes over 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions much more than aviation? Yes, each time you purchase new laptops and desktops or screens, your action adds to the current state of environmental issues that we face.

However, there is a way to cut down on your footprint while also getting the advantages of modern technology. We call renting laptops a smart and secure option for business houses in Bangalore and other cities.

In this blog, we shall discuss why laptop rentals are beneficial given that they help save money and time apart from the conservation of environmental resources. Let's get started!

Reducing Electronic Waste

Renting laptops is one of the biggest benefits because it facilitates renewal and thus increases the useful life period for devices thereby preventing their disposal in dumps. As per the United Nations report, India produced nearly 3.2 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019 to become third globally just after China and US according to the UN report released on INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST ELECTRONIC WASTE Trnibago The Waste that this generated contains lead, mercury, and cadmium which are potent soil water and air pollutants as well as human health hazards.

By hiring/renting laptops, you will be giving way to this problem without contributing by adding more devices that increase the number exceedingly. By doing so, the demand for new laptop production would significantly be reduced proportionally to their energy and resource utilization. The other advantage to hire laptops is that because the devices are administered by a firm from which they were hired, then this makes them proper maintenance and repair if necessary to possibly increase their survival span as well as performance.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Renting laptops also provides energy efficient devices which are responsible for a great deal less power during usage. As seen in research by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology, laptops are found to consume somewhere around 80% less energy as compared to desktops while LCD screens utilize approximately forty percent lesser amounts of power than CRT monitors. This translates into less spending on electricity when hiring laptops, which helps in minimizing one’s carbon footprint.

The fact is that leased laptops also allow you to choose the most suitable device for your needs without wasting money on extra costly hardware. For instance, if you require a laptop only for simple operations like browsing, email messaging, and word processing then it is possible to hire low-cost laptops that have lesser power consumption than high-end equipped ones intended for gaming graphics or video editing. In this way, your energy consumption can be minimized and you will not waste power on inessential elements.

Minimizing Carbon Emissions

By renting laptops they can do the world a service by reducing emissions linked to the production and transportation of IT goods. As mentioned in a report from the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, the production of one laptop produces 240 kg CO 2, and the shipping computer causes the emission of about 10 kg. Thus, when you buy a new laptop it adds to the atmosphere about 250 kilograms of CO2 dumped in through car travel for over a thousand kilometers.

Using the rented laptops, you can lower the demand for new production as this lowers greenhouse gases which are responsible for all global warming and climate change. Renting laptops also lowers the need to ship, if you receive a laptop from the provider at your doorstep can use a relatively more efficient and eco-friendly way of transportation.

Resource Conservation

Renting laptops also reduces the usage of all those resources that are needed for manufacturing new and raw materials from scratch, such as minerals (elementary fluorine), metals(aluminum), or energy. Each laptop is produced by at least 1.8 tonnes of materials, comprising up to 22kg of chemicals and fossil fuels as well as approximately 1,500 liters of water constituting results from research conducted by the United Nations University. When you buy a new laptop, for instance, all the resources used to acquire that machine are majorly just junk because these materials could have been otherwise put into use in more productive areas like food production or even health issues among other channels of production.

By leasing laptops, you can prevent the use of new raw materials required for production which in turn minimizes environmental deterioration due to natural resource depletion caused by IT device manufacturing. Renting out laptops also promotes the concept of circular economy, which finds means by keeping materials in use for as long as possible and then recovering or regenerating them at the end of life.

Responsibly Managed Lifecycle

Even renting laptops encourages the environmentally friendly recycling and disposal of outdated or non-working machines. Per a report released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, about six percent (6%) recycled electronic waste in India while another segment is either dumping or incineration e-waste to environmental pollution leading to adverse health risks.

This ensures that the laptop is taken back by the rental company hence cleaned up and sustainability done either via recycling or disposal. Renting laptops also ensures that the devices are in line with e-waste management regulations and policies as outlined by these institutions, thus preventing illegal dumping and trading of electronic waste.


It is visible that the renting of laptops is an eco smile for your business and lowers tons of carbon emissions every year. By renting laptops, you can;

  • Reduce budget on the purchase of hardware, its upkeep as well electricity expenses
  • There will be great time saving during setting up, updating, and troubleshooting devices.
  • Energy efficient and long-life used equipment saves resources.
  • Preserving the earth by minimizing electronic wastes, carbon emissions as well as resource consumption
  • Be free of recycling and disposal efforts over devices.

Now what are you waiting about? Enjoy the advantages of green technology as you rent a laptop today from an established service provider. Also, remember to share this blog post with friends, colleagues, and loved ones on how they can be part of it too. As a community, we can change the world for good.

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